oilfield water solutions experts

Applied Chemistry.

FluidMatch™ is a true integration of water and chemistry brought to you by industry experts, Select and Rockwater. From fluid assessment and profiling to logistics and treatment, and everything in between—FluidMatch™ combines analysis of your total logistical and chemical requirements to create a water profile that can maximize well performance at every turn.

A Reputation Build On Service

Understanding our customer’s application conditions, product chemistry and key performance requirements is critical for optimal fluid design. During the process we identify and sample water sources, assess water treatment and conditioning needs, and work with customers to select and deploy logistics and treatment methods to optimize well performance.

fluidmatch water and chemical services for oil and gas production

oilfield water solutions experts

Your Water Experts

At Select, we put water to work with innovative automation solutions and water logistics to address the challenges associated with today’s complex completion operations. We believe our true value lies within the hard work, proven experience, safety and customer-centric solutions we are able to bring to each and every project—every time. Learn More

oilfield water solutions experts

End2End Chemistry

Rockwater has expertise across all phases of the well from pre-frac water analysis and treatment, completion, and production. We can identify, develop, manufacture and deploy custom chemistry tailored to the unique challenges of each well. Our in-house chemical logistic team can deliver direct-to-location for a supply chain with fewer touch-points. Learn More

Water is a dynamic fluid with chemical and physical properties that are constantly changing. Having the right water chemistry is critical to keeping your fracturing operations optimized. However, water chemistry isn’t something you address at just one stage. It requires constant visibility to control and adapt in real-time.

From beginning to end, we have water performance covered.

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