Increasing the Standards of Well Testing and Lease Operators in the O&G Industry


Enhanced education is the latest innovation from Select Energy Services.

Select Energy Services prides itself in cultivating a team of the industry’s most knowledgeable and highly skilled production operators. To enhance and maintain such practice, Select has pioneered a Flowback and Production Training Facility in Greeley, Colorado.

Enhancing Knowledge and Skills in Flowback and Production

The training facility offers comprehensive courses taught and led by experts in the field. As a result, employees exit the program well-versed in flowback and production practices, as well as equipment procedures. The program also offers an advanced training course to those more familiar with the industry to serve as a reminder of best practices, new procedures, and reinforced safety training.

The facility is comprised of decommissioned equipment repurposed for training, a theatre for visual demonstrations, and an additional room with computers for virtual training. The various equipment featured at the facility is required to control, monitor, measure, and sample fluids produced during typical production and flowback scenarios.

New Hire Well Training Program

The five-day training program for new hires begins with an introductory orientation and progresses into an in-depth and extensive training.  The classroom sessions feature guest speakers, as well as exposing trainees to working well sites. Each individual is educated and thoroughly trained on the process of flowback and production. Everyone attending the program learns about safety requirements such as wearing hardhats, safety glasses, other personal protective equipment, and participates in further safety best practices.

Trainees are also versed on repair, maintenance, troubleshooting, mechanical failures, and malfunctions of flowback and production equipment. Each course is capped at a maximum of ten new hires to create a one-on-one experience with their instructors.

Mentorship and Guidance in the Field

After completion of the program and prior to working on their own, each new hire is assigned to a mentor who will provide additional guidance and act as a supervisor until the trainee is qualified to work without assistance. Before admittance to the paid training program, the new employee must go through a new hire orientation, safety orientation, and drug screening.

With the training facility, Select and its customers can feel assured that production operators are proficient in their specialties. The highly trained flowback and production operators will result in better productivity and the promotion of safety and job-site awareness.