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Top Trends in Oilfield Water Treatment

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We regularly host webinars to discuss technology and methods related to water and chemistry. Check back soon for more information on our next webinar later this year or you can also pre-register below. 

About the Presenter

Rick McCurdy Innovation and Sustainability

Rick McCurdy brings 41 years of experience in the Oil & Gas Industry with a focus on upstream production, chemical applications and environmental solutions for treatment and beneficial use of produced water. He is the author of numerous technical papers and presentations for the US EPA, Society of Petroleum Engineers, National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine, as well as others.

Rick is an active participant in various Industry technical societies and has served as Chairman of the Alaska and Permian Basin Sections of NACE International and as Trustee of the Permian Basin Section of NACE International. He has served as Technical Advisor and Chair of the Energy Water Initiative, Chair of the Petroleum Alliance of Oklahoma’s Water Committee and currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Permian Basin Water Management Council.

Previous Webinar

Dynamically Matching Chemistry & Treated Water Quality

Andy Adams
Vice President – Water Management & Infrastructure
Select Energy Services

Brian Price
Vice President – Technology
Rockwater Energy Solutions

During this webinar our speakers conduct a comprehensive review of new methods to match chemistry with treated produced water and its effect on downhole performance and production. We will take an objective look at the implications of various treatments, chemistries, and logistical strategies to help operators achieve their ESG goals.

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