2021 Sustainability Report

Select Energy Services focuses on developing sustainable water and chemical solutions every day, with a commitment to conservation & reuse.

Select Sustainability Principles

  • Water is vital to the health, economic, and social well-being of the communities in which we live and work.
  • Select Energy Services focuses on developing sustainable water and chemical solutions every day, with a commitment to conservation & reuse
  • In addition to improving efficiency and reducing costs, we support E&P companies in reducing their environmental impact—successfully delivering on their ESG goals

Near-Term ESG Initiatives

  • Water Recycling
  • Enhancing Operational Safety
  • Emissions Reduction
  • Leveraging Automation & Monitoring Technology
  • Research & Development Utilizing Environmentally-Conscious Chemistry

Select is dedicated to supporting the entire water value chain. We are committed to doing that through the integration of services, infrastructure, chemistry and technology. We are focused on developing the right solution, not just selling a specific solution. This allows us to make more environmentally and socially conscious decisions as a result. 


Sustainable Water Management

Water is vital to the health, economic, and social well-being of the communities where Select lives and works. In support of industry-wide efforts to reduce the demand for fresh water for hydraulic fracturing, we have a dedicated team of specialists focused on developing and deploying innovative water treatment and reuse services for our customers. We strive to fully understand local water issues, and to develop sustainable solutions with a shared commitment to conservation. 

1 2021 data includes pro forma full year attribution of 1.4 billion gallons of disposal volumes from Complete Energy Services and Agua Libre Midstream Acquisitions. 

Emissions & Energy

Air Quality Compliance Program

As part of our air emissions management program established with the EPA, we are firmly committed to reducing emissions intensity in various aspects of our operations. Select is required by various governmental agencies to obtain certain permits, licenses, and certificates with respect to our operations. 


Automation Through WaterOne™

Automation services are a growing focus of Select. WaterOne™ is our full suite of automated water transfer and treatment solutions. Automation creates additional efficiencies for water services equipment, burning less fuel than non-automated equipment and responding more quickly to any potential risk or actual release of fluids. 

Emission Mitigation Technologies

Select is the sole provider and exclusive distributer of enclosed combustors that fully incinerate waste gas produced in oil and gas operations. This is essential in areas where gas is a byproduct and takeaway or processing capacity is limited, as companies have often historically resorted to flaring waste gas on site.

Our Company

As a leader in the water solutions industry, we place the utmost importance on safe, environmentally responsible management of water throughout the lifecycle of a well. Additionally, we believe that responsibly managing water resources through our operations to help conserve and protect the environment in the communities in which we operate is paramount to our continued success.

Community Involvement

Across the US, Select calls our worksite communities home. Our respect for these communities and appreciation for their hospitality runs deep. Therefore, it is our pledge to be a great neighbor. This starts with adhering to strict environmental standards in all that we do. It also means demonstrating disciplined and diligent workplace safety to protect our employees. And importantly, it also means supporting the communities in which we work by giving back.

Diversity & Inclusion

Select recognizes the many benefits of having a diverse workforce. Diversity impacts all stages of employment, from making it easier to attract and retain top talent, to better performance among diverse teams, to the greater innovation and creativity that comes from a workforce comprised of different backgrounds and experiences. In fact, over 50% of our workforce is comprised of persons who identify with a race or ethnicity that is historically underrepresented in the US. Additionally, while 11% of our overall population is female, women represent 44% of our corporate employees. We provide employee resources such as handbooks, procedures, and training in multiple languages and are always looking for ways to be more inclusive and tap into the talent of our diverse workforce. 

Sustainability At Select

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