Water Sourcing solutions from the ground up.

Identification and assessment

Select Energy Services has extensive water supplies readily available for operator use in hydraulic fracturing. Our portfolio includes access to over 1.8 billion barrels of water.

Regulatory and permitting

Our team’s extensive experience includes prior service with state water regulatory agencies, conservation districts, oil and gas operations and water-focused environmental firms.

Mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Aerial drone footage and hydrographic mapping systems help verify source volumes and storage capacity. This also allows for smooth integration into our WaterONE automated systems.

Landowner Relations

We take great care to treat landowners, government authorities, and our neighbors fairly and appropriately. This includes securing the proper permits, ensuring we acquire the right water, the right way, for the intended use.

Delivery method evaluation and planning

Watr Sourcing teams work closely with our Water Transfer team to develop a complete solution for water delivery and removal.

Water Treatment Integration

Water Sourcing is a key partner during treatment operations by facilitating the use of aeration systems, automated chemical dosing systems, and automated proportioning systems

WaterONE Automation

WaterONE Automated Systems use multiple sensors and proprietary programming to operate and maintain water networks, extend the life of water sources, and improve safety.

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Water Transfer & Storage

The Select Water Transfer team specializes in high-volume, high-rate water transfer services through a variety of mobile piping systems and high volume water storage, including environmentally safe, anti-leak pipe systems, like lay-flat hose, to support fracturing.

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Water Treatment

Our Water Treatment team utilizes a spectrum of bio-control and recycling technologies to prepare source water to go down-hole on-the-fly or tie flowback water back into frac supply for reuse. Find out more